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DJ’s for hire, the Audio Sculptors play an eclectic blend of Funk, Hip Hop, Breaks, House, Dubstep, Electro, Drum and Bass – in fact just about anything with a big bass line and a funky vibe.

Audio Sculptors at a recent event in Gloucestershire

Certain venues ask for a mix of just one genre, be it Funk, DnB or Breaks; to fit-in with the rest of the line up, The Audios are pretty flexible.

The Audio Sculptors DJ at an event

Get in touch to hire the Audio Sculptors to DJ for your next event – be it a private party, a club night, or some other event.

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  • Guru on the road to recovery

    Here at Audios HQ we are glad to hear that guru is out of his coma and on the road to recovery.

    His tunes have the flavour that we love and this one with MC Solaar is up there with the best.

    Big up Guru.. We will drop some of your stuff when we dj at our next bash @ cafe rene on the 3rd.

    Audio Sculptors

    The Audio’s are loving these latest tracks… shouts out to DJ Cragga, and Utah Saints!

    Audio Sculptors are loving: MistaJam on BBC iPlayer – Guest Mix Courtesy of Subscape

    Check out the biggie smalls tracks @ around 2:34:00

    Check it:

    Good to hear the notorious getting some air play =oD made us laugh…

    Let’s hope the Audio Sculptors are tearing-up a care home somewhere in 50 years time!

    OK folks, so if you wanna get down and dirty with the Audio’s, these are the dates we’re playing over the next month or so – Come check us out @ Cafe Rene, Gloucester – well worth a trip from Cheltenham to see some different DJ’s and a happy party vibe with zero attitude!

    Saturday April 3rd
    Saturday May 1st
    Saturday May 29th (Feat: The Danny Ruckus Dubstep Hour)
    Saturday June 5th
    Saturday July 3rd

    Find Cafe Rene @  31 Southgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 1TP

    Come see the all-new Cellar Bar with new floor, carpet, DJ booth, rig and lights…

    …it’s Rene Jim, but not as we know it…

    Nighclub DJs for Hire - The Audio Sculptors

    Party DJs for Hire - The Audio Sculptors

    DJ's Cheltenham - The Audio Sculptors

    DJs Gloucester - The Audio Sculptors

    Hire DJ's Cheltenham - The Audio Sculptors

    Hire DJ's Gloucester - The Audio Sculptors

    DJs for Hire - The Audio Sculptors

    Nighclub DJs - The Audio Sculptors

    Party DJs - The Audio Sculptors

    DJ's for Hire - The Audio Sculptors

    Cafe Rene, Gloucester - The Audio Sculptors




    Don’t forget to check back here for more future dates further afield in the southwest – we’ll fit them in where we can!

    DJs Cheltenham

    Cheltenham DJ’s, the Audio Sculptors are currently booking-up fast for Spring 2010. Cafe Rene are expecting us for five or six parties in the newly refurbed cellar bar, compete with new floor, carpet, and a saucy new DJ booth (if you like that kinda thing!)…

    Check out these videos and pictures:

    Yes, that’s right, we’re back with some brand new sounds… for our brand new website. Check out our mixtapes page for the latest tunes.

    As you can tell from the historic tapes, we’ve evolved over the last few years, and are prone to dropping large dollops of dubstep into mixes. But for the dubstep haters out there, fear not, we aren’t going to bore the pants off you – we love to mix it up and prefer getting stuck into a groove, not a genre rut!

    Check em out.

    If you have any comments, drop em below… peas!

    PS: Anyone seen my Monkey?

    Party DJ’s – Audio Sculptors!

    When you think of the word “Party” you think of lots of people having a good time – That’s why the Audio Sculptors are Party DJs.

    How many times have you been to a party, and found an empty room with a DJ sat in the corner blasting out some monotonous techno, dubstep or DnB?

    Okay, so the Audio’s have been prone to DJ all three of these genres, but you won’t see them clear a dancefloor. Why? Because they love to party – its all about everyone at a party, not one single person.

    The Audio Sculptors tear up parties, from a small house party, or a warehouse party in Bristol, to a music festival – they rock the place by playing a vaired, interesting mash-up of whatever the croud get into. If they follow-on from a dubstep set, you’ll bet you bottom dollar that Nick Beats will be gagging to mix-in his latest durrrt, but this’ll be followed shortly by something surprising and uplifting.

    Partys with the Audios are never boring!

    So if you are looking for party DJ’s, get the Audio’s amongst it – you know how we roll…

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